the quality of service and product quality with a good standard

The best choice for you

Safe and healthy have been tested, along with quality products from our
PT Marga Dwi Kencana

the best service and quality products


healthy and look beautiful is the dream of every woman,
it surely must be supported by adequate technological
beauty and makeup. And, all the technology you can get
with our PT Marga Dwi Kencana

Healthy and beautiful with us


the technology used is very natural and beautiful with our modern self

Natural Skincare


Clean Label, Natural, Highly Functional Fiber Derived From Nature


Application Lab

As the company’s advanced materials and process development lab, the PT. Marga Dwi Kencana Application Laboratory is engaged in developing new and innovative approaches to meeting customer’s requirements specifically in vacuum coating technologies and encapsulations


Warehouses (Cool & Room Temp.)

Maintenance of circadian variations in room temperature normally needed for the availability of raw materials. The raw material should be placed within the appropriate temperature and humidity for all products, where for each of the products available at PT Marga Dwi Kencana finalized and placed in accordance with the categories of products.


A Reliable Team

PT Marga Dwi Kencana recruiting youth and innovative genius in developing and advancing the company together, thus giving birth to the imaginative thinking and a good concept

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